What Makes A Company Tick? With Roberto Casula Eni

When it comes to oil and energy companies, very few have reached the heights that Eni has in the past few decades. Being based in Rome, it is already reaching out to the vastness of the world and all of its different countries. Expansion is part of every entrepreneur’s dream after all.

Leading the pack and guiding it along the way is one of Eni’s best servants in recent times, its Lead Executive Manager Roberto casula. If there is anyone who would know about running a big company and making it all work, it is this man. So if there is anything you would like to know about how he makes things function, then now is the time.roberto casula

  1. Strategy of Growing Out

According to Mr. Casula, one of the biggest strategies for handling projects was to change things up more often. This brought in great success according to him because it offered people a chance to get creative without being monotonous. Sure, there are protocols to be maintained at all times but with a bit of flexibility, there is a lot to be gained here.

  1. Converting Ideas to Reality

The biggest key to finding new ideas is curiosity. When that curiosity does take birth in your mind, make sure that you let it flow through. Don’t just ignore it. Rather, let it grow further out and help you branch out yourself. There is a lot of productivity to be had from simple things and this is definitely one of them.roberto casula

  1. Advice to Yearning Entrepreneurs

Last but not the least, Mr. Roberto casula eni also advices young entrepreneurs to develop healthy relationships with other people. He says being kind and honest with everyone else and helping them out in the time of need can go a long way.