What IFCJ & the Jews Expect from Yael Eckstein

The new supremacy of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) has begun. The Fellowship, a charity which is collaboration two entirely different communities, was not seemed feasible, but the founder and president of IFCJ was able to achieve milestone by creating this charity, and he operated this organization successfully for 35 years. The IFCJ is one of the largest charities across the globe.Yael Eckstein

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was supporting Jews in Israel and around the world. He received massive donations from evangelical Christians, the task which was not possible for Jews, but Yechiel’s own personality and influence was enough to do this task, and he did it.

How Yael will proceed with her father’s status

The Christians freely donated funds to IFCJ, despite knowledge that mission of this organization was to support Jews in Israel, but they couldn’t deny Yechiel. Rabbi Eckstein died and left many unfinished charity projects behind him, and left his capable daughter Yael Eckstein to carry on the unfinished tasks. Yael understands that her father left a rich and visionary work for her to lead. She is now the new president of IFCJ and has a big challenge ahead after taking over charge of her father’s status. It is not easy to make transition from grief to building on her father’s legacy, but she has a courage like her father.Yael Eckstein

Yael’s vision and goals

The eyes of Jews are on Yael Eckstein. They know that Yael has courage and personality like her father, but she needs time to make pace with her father’s footsteps. Rabbi Eckstein chased three goals: bridging two different communities such as Christians and Jews, develop Christian understanding of the Jewish roots of their belief, and develop a pragmatic way by which Jewish people and Israel could be helped. Yael Eckstein also thinks on the same lines. She understands that her father was a visionary, and she has to follow the same vision.