The Role of Robotics in Cardiac Surgery

Technology journalists is all excited about the big “Tech Robotics” which is trending in every industry in the current era. Technology is getting better all the time and the advances happening in technology is evident from computers, machines, robots, and algorithms. Although some robots like Sophia robot that run on AI technology that allows them to operate independently, yet most of can’t achieve high fives all round without human-like hands.

Dr. Roberto Casula a Consultant Cardiothoracic surgeon at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London perform effective heart operations without using the cardiopulmonary bypass machine in the presence of minimal access robotic techniques.roberto casula

The Significant Role of Robotics in Cardiac Surgery

The traditional bypass surgery involves an extensive invasive procedure in which the heart is reached by cutting open the chest and dividing the breast bone. This involves more pain with greater trauma. However this is not the case with robotics cardiac surgery.

This is a minimal invasive procedure in which the surgeon operates through several much smaller incisions between the ribs. Mr. Roberto Casula MD FRCS FETCS performed on cardiac robotic surgery and its applications in mitral valve repair and coronary artery surgery. This procedure included lesser pain, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery to preoperative level of functional activity.

A latest medical news shows that “A British man has left hospital just four days after major heart surgery” performed by robots.  This incident took place at St Mary’s Hospital, London guided by cardiothoracic surgeon Roberto Casula. Although this procedure can be used only for single vessel bypass surgery, researches are happening immensely to perform double and triple bypasses and expected to happen soon.roberto casula


The robot enhances the surgeon’s ability to perform minimally invasive cardiac surgery, so it is a great boon to the medical industry.