SHSU, the ring and the overall design

As with every other University, the Sam Houston State University or SHSU has its own unique Sam Houston State University class ring. The ring is well designed and certainly stands out for the right reasons; it is awarded to undergraduate students (who have completed the required 75 credits), as well as master’s and doctoral research scholars. But what makes the Sam Houston State University class ring unique is the fact that it was introduced only in 2003 but since then, it has become a well loved and cherished tradition in the campus, one that endears the student body with the University.sam houston state university class ring

The background:

The school itself was established way back in 1879 but the notion of a Sam Houston State University class ring became a reality only by 2003. It was designed by a special alumni committee, who designed the various aspects of the ring itself. Students often wear the ring with the ring face facing towards them, and during and after the graduation ceremony, with the ring face facing outward to show that they are ready to take on the challenges of the world. The ring today, symbolizes everything that makes SHSU great and evokes a sense of pride in almost all the students attending the University.

The design:

sam houston state university class ringThe class ring comes with an engraving of the Austin hall; the oldest part of the university along with the year, the University was first established along with the student’s expected year of graduation. The ring face also includes the letter SH as well as a star, where the former stands for the University and the star represents the State of Texas. It also happens to come with the words honor inscribed on the inside of the ring and is more representative of what Sam Houston’s mother told him as he headed out to war. On the whole, it comes with a unique, breathtaking design and a lovely finish, which adds a special allure to it.