Reasons Why You Should Not Apply for Australian Visa

You couldn’t think of visiting an international destination without a visa on your own country’s passport before introduction of the Visa Waiver program (VWP). The introduction of VWP is a relief against large number of visa denials in the past. At present, there are 38 participating countries under this Program and Australia is one of them. The tourism industry of Australia was also affected due to visa denials, but the introduction of VWP and issue of Electronic Travel Authority under this Program has offered boost to the growth of Australian tourism industry. AU visaThe country has become the preference for many tourists from other parts of the globe.

Drawbacks of making Australian visa application

Getting visa has never been so easy. The process of making visa application is cumbersome and the situation becomes worse when an applicant gets denial after all efforts to apply a visa. The situation is same with Australia visa. There are many disadvantages of applying AU visa.

  • The process of preparing and submitting visa application is not easy. There is a lot more chance of filling wrong information.
  • There is too much of documentation and information.
  • The visa fee is very high AUD 345, and it is non-refundable in case of denial.AU visa
  • The applicant is required to appear in person at the Australian consulate for visa interview.
  • The chance of acceptance vs denial is 50:50.
  • Visa takes too much time to process. Thus, you may not plan your trip and book ticket unless your visa has officially been issued.

Make a better choice

Though AU visa is a good option for frequent travelers and for those who want to stay for long, yet it is recommended to apply for visa-free entry through Electronic Travel Authority, if you don’t want to stay in Australia for more than 90 days at a stretch. You can be more benefitted by availing benefits of visa-free entry.

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