Perspective on Bone Health: A Crucial Issue during Pregnancy & Lactation

Bone health is a crucial issue in animal biology, especially the vertebrates that possess spinal column or backbone. There is a general slang, ‘a backbone of something’ which refers to a main strength or support of the subject. Thus, backbone is a term that represents a firm support which is same in humans. Not only a backbone but entire skeletal system is important for firm support. Loss of a bone is loss of strength and support. There are many reasons that are responsible for bone loss.

Weakening of bones

In medical terms, bone loss refers to drop of bone density, causing weakening of bones. This is a serious medical condition which reduces body support and reduction in body’s performance. Osteoporose (osteoporosis) is a common cause of weak bones which is usually considered a condition making appearance after the age of 50, but this is not always true. Apart from insufficient intake of calcium in diet, pregnancy and breastfeeding are the causes of osteoporosis in women. This disorder is common in underdeveloped countries.

Osteoporosis due to pregnancy and lactation

The woman’s body place an extra demand of nutrients during pregnancy and lactation when dietary intakes of a woman are also shared by a fetus or breastfed infant, as the situation may be. The additional demands during pregnancy and lactation are often met by supplementation. Calcium is one of the essential elements which attracts an extra demand during these conditions. Ignoring sufficient additional intake of calcium at this time can tratar osteoporose.

Bone health during pregnancy and lactation

The calcium supplementation supports both mother and baby for robust health. Thus, taking due care of bone health is important for the mother’s body and baby’s growth. The extra calcium demand met at the right time can prevent osteoporosis at a later stage and save trouble and expenses on osteoporose tratamento. The perspective is that a problem which can be corrected at the right time shouldn’t be deferred to the future.