Role of Social Media Marketing for Hotel Business

Hospitality is a different type of service compared to many other services. As a hotelier, someone needs to be familiar with a massive array of subjects, abilities, and strategies that are required to achieve success in a hotel business. The major aspect of optimizing the success of hotel business is attracting as many travelers as possible. It may not be easy to attract someone to stay in your hotel because most travelers have peculiar preferences about hotel accommodation. They expect refined services but at a price that may not suit your business.

Important strategy to attract guests for hotel

One of the ways to attract guests for your hotel is to create best deals and packages that are quite appealing to travelers, but you, as a hotel owner, can compensate cost of one service through some other service. Thus, optimizing hotel package is very important aspect to attract more guests. Your hotel should also be enlisted on a global hotel booking site like so that someone looking for a hotel automatically come across your hotel during the search when his preferences coincide with the filters applied.

Potential guests are more important

You may not expect all travelers to select your hotel for accommodation, but effective marketing can bring potential guests that are more important for long-term relationships. They can be helpful in making references. You can also make use of social media networks for interaction. Your regular presence on these platforms and regular communication can create positive results for your business. This is an innovative path that leads to your hotel for travelers. All you need is little more focus to bring potential travelers on this path.

Trust on social media interaction

When you learn strategies to use social media platforms appropriately for hotel business and seek professional support in this matter, your gains will apparently be more, and your success will somehow arrive sooner or later. You can trust on social media marketing for your hotel business.

What Are The Mistakes To Avoid When Booking A Hotel Online?

Booking hotel reservations has become a really easy task to do these days. With the help of the internet, most things have become so. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you are good to go. But with this kind of ease comes some other things that you need to look out for as well. There are plenty of mistakes that newbies make when trying to do the same. Hopefully after this, you won’t be making them.

  1. Comparing Options

Reservations.comThe most common mistake that people make when booking a hotel online is settling for something they really like. There are so many options available out there, chances are that you will definitely find something better. All it takes is a bit more time spent searching for it. People tend to get swayed by an appealing offer without even considering something else.

  1. Knowing the Fine Details

Another thing that people skip over is knowing the actual details of accommodation. This is most apparent online where there are a plethora of advertisements to showcase their services. Not all of them are honest and it is your responsibility as the customer to get knowledge about all of the things that you will get from their services.

  1. Refund

Sometimes things just don’t work out and you have to cancel your plans. Refund policies differ from hotel to hotel and occasionally you will find ones which do not refund any amount of money back to you. Not knowing about this beforehand can mar your experience quite a lot. So do get yourself informed and prepared.

  1. Overall Services

There are many people who book a hotel simply because of its location. Keep in mind despite how well placed a hotel is, there are other things you need to consider as well. The services provided by hotels are one of the most important aspects of reservations that you need to consider at the time of booking. If you want the best of the best, you should pay a visit.

Vacations Benefits both your body and Mind

With winter finally over and spring now in full swing, health awareness centers, is working to increase awareness that taking a vacation not only can be fun, but it also can help bring a variety of benefits. From boosting mental health to increasing family bonds, the health benefits of vacations are numerous and live-changing.

Many Americans don’t use all of their vacation days and one-fourth don’t get vacation days at all. A medical research says that a certain percentage of Americans suffer from mental depression and stress because of working without holidays. Even few commit suicide when they are not able to handle the stress. However, when you take breaks or go for vacation, obviously your mind and body gets refreshed and you can start your work afresh.

Benefits of Taking Vacation

There are plenty of benefits you can gain from going to a vacation. But here, you will see the health benefits of your body and mind

  • Stress Reduction– Medical studies says that vacations reduce mental stress. Vacations have a significant effect upon energy and stress level. Medical research says that more than 50% of individuals were found with higher levels of energy when they came from vacation.

  • Improved Sleep– Vacation is also the perfect time to start building a sleep schedule. People sleep well during vacation because they know they need not care about the world or work at that moment.
  • Decrease heart disease– Research shows that regular getaways may increase longevity by preventing heart disease. If retirees want to get really healthy, then they can take a vacation and enjoy their days.

To Sum it up

With plenty of travel sites available online like, booking a vacation has become more easy and simple. So start planning for your summer vacation soon!

Charity Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Strategic Path

Among different rivalries and confusions, it is always a great idea to plan and start with the basic remedies to resolve long time issues. Yael Eckstein has adopted a simple yet effective methodology, for providing relief to the weaker communities instantly.

Yael Eckstein

She approached the maximum number of platforms, for getting heard and acknowledged in her capacity. Though she never misused her authorities, in any way. She is a leader with a vision and principles, without availing any unfair means while sitting at the office of President of IFCJ.

Yael Eckstein has achieved all-time success while standing for raising the level of livelihood of the poor and needy people. She tried to raise a lot of donations, that can help the oppressed groups in reaching the required lifestyle meeting the basic amenities of life. She also worked to relocate a lot of deprived children and war survivors, while serving the office of the President. She never thought of her own benefits, while serving in her career. Instead of focused on the advantages, that she can offer to the needy and weaker sections of the society.

Yael Eckstein

Innumerable Resources

While Yael Eckstein stood firmly to offer the charity, for the people who are in urgent need of the same. It became a matter of social popularity, that made a lot of other politicians move ahead in the same direction. The level of donations and fundraising programs have helped the poor and orphan children to live in a minimum standard of living which is their right. For her, the only vision of all her actions is to raise the neglected communities to the bare standard of living by any means. For which, she worked day and night with all her dedication and sincerity without considering her selfish interests.

Questions You Must Ask Before You Join An Organisation That Is Involved In Social Services!

One of the most tedious yet blessing jobs you can have is that of social service. Most of the time you do not even have to work for an organisation in order to serve the society. But then again if you do join an organisation you will join them for a purpose and you will work towards ensuring you are making a part of the society better.

Yael EcksteinSome of the best individuals are into social service only because believes in the betterment of the same. And Yael Eckstein is one of them without a doubt. But if you are joining an organization in order to ensure that the social services are at their places, you must ask yourself few questions.

Having answers to these questions will make things easy to you when it comes to social services.

So what are the questions you must ask?

Following are some of the major questions you must ask before joining a social service organization:

  • Is it a work from home job?

Understand many social services do not have a necessary office to visit. But it is definitely not a work from home job.Yael Eckstein Either way you will have to be out on the field helping the people. Or you will have to be out on the field collecting information and data.

  • Will you have to attend emergency calls?

Social services all about selflessness! Yes it is pretty obvious that most of us enjoy time with our family. But then again when it comes to the call of the society you will have to be present during the emergency timings. Yael Eckstein is a pure soul who has been available for the betterment of the society during all times.

Understand there are many more questions you can ask when come to joining an organization. And it is only why you must get through with the answers for the same before you join an organization that will help you serve the society. People like Yael Eckstein have these organizations that help people.

The online market of poker

A market is a place where buyers and sellers interact with each other to facilitate exchange of goods and services, at the price suggested and fixed by the market forces of demand and supply. Each and every product or service in the existence has got its own market, in which people are engaging themselves to make exchange. The exchange gives them the chance of knowing the market for that particular product. As far as sellers are concerned, they are more associated with luring customers to their own ends in order to get more customer support with them. Domino qq terpercayaThe market for poker gives decent chance for people from all across the world to avail the best services in the niche.

As far as poker services are concerned, these are of high end coming directly from the most experienced crew of the poker players. Players want to get engaged in Domino QQ Terpercaya so that they continuously receive pleasure from poker games. Poker is termed as the best game by all. The online market adds more spices to the delicacy in the form of new promotional schemes and discount offers. These offers are added on the registration fees and entrance fees which give lures to the customers so that they can add benefits to their own side. With Poker Online Terpercaya, there are other benefits as well, when little costs of entrance fees tend to provide lots of money in return to the player who tends to win the hand of the game being played at the time.Domino qq terpercaya The online market for poker thus enables every punter to make use of the best encrypted portals with which they can win money continuously, if they tend to have the potential in the form of required skills and techniques. Hence, the poker online terpercaya is quite good.

Founder of IFCJ – Yechiel Eckstein

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews or IFCJ in short is an organization engaged in philanthropic work for the Christian and Jew communities across the world. This organization was founded by Yechiel Eckstein in 1983 with the main aim towards supporting the two communities in difficult times.IFCJ rating

YechielEcsktein, an Israeli American Rabbi and a charity worker, was born on the 11th of July in the year 1951, in Winthrop, USA. Eckstein started serving as national co-director of inter-religious affairs for the Anti-Anti-Defamation League. Afterwards, Eckstein founded the Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews in 1983 to provide assistance to them to work together on assignments which promoted their safety in Israel and around the world. It is because of these projects that IFCJ reviews have always been overwhelming. This organization was renamed as IFCJ.

Yechiel Eckstein had no salary when he first started out as the president of the IFCJ. Moreover, his first wife, Bonnie Seigman, was pregnant with his child. Apart from this he did not even have any medical benefits. Yet he was determined in making this venture a great success and increase the IFCJ rating. In the early years of IFCJ, most of the donations received by the organization were from his fellow Jews because of his good image well known personality in his community. These gradually increased the IFCJ ratings.

Borin in the U.S, Eckstein later became an Israeli citizen in 2002 and thus held a dual citizenship in U.S. and Israel. Married twice, he had three daughters with Bonnie Seigman, his first wife. After their eventual divorce, Eckstein then married Joelle. His daughter Yael Eckstein is currently the president of the IFCJ and a symbol of prosperity in the face of those who doubt “Is IFCJ a good charity?” Eckstein eventually died on February 6, 2019, due to cardiac arrest.

Why choose IFCJ for donation?


            IFCJ is a well established organization which has been popular for number of purposes. The main reason for the organization popularity is the bridge developed between the two communities; Jews and Christians. The organization has developed number of ways for establishing boding between the two communities and its people. is IFCJ a good charityMoreover, they are well known for helping the needy and poor families of Jewish. They have been helping the migrants in Israel to establish their foot in the country.

Good charity

            People ask is IFCJ a good charity? Some people have thought it to be a scam and fake but in real the IFCJ reviews have showed it to be a reliable organization and it is the government approved organization. The organization has been declared helpful and appreciated by government of Israel. They offer food and medicines to the poor families and also offer shelter to eth orphans and make sure to offer best education to eth children. is IFCJ a good charityMoreover, they also keep in mind the elderly people who need help in their older ages. They are offered with food and medicines and also shelter.

            The soldiers of a country are considered as most important and the IFCJ rating says that the organization have been successful in helping the soldiers and their families. They provide food and medicines to the soldier’s families. They have been successful in offer 1010825 Israelis with housing, food, clothing, medical care, fuel and many other basic necessities. Guardians are eth program run by the organization and it is the lifelines for the needy people. The programs as per IFCJ ratings is well known for funding hundreds of other projects such as therapy programs, children summer camps, terrorism victims and war veterans. The organization is reliable and has been working since years of time.

Is IFCJ A Good Charity: The Big Question Answered Here For You

Many people look at philanthropic organizations, running with the help of donations with an air of suspicion. These people often believe that funds might be misused by the organization for personal benefits.IFCJ

People therefore readily ask Is IFCJ a good charity. In order to know this answer, you need to know a bit about the BBB organization. This organization publishes charity reports which provide details of the spending and donations of the organization. The accreditation that IFCJ has got from it reflects upon the all kinds of good works it has done over the years.

Hierarchy in the organization

The standards of accountability that is provided here, tells that the governance in the organization and overall leadership structure is always required to be considered. These things matter highly in the different nonprofit organizations.

The governing body of the organization, always has a certain authority regarding seeing whether the board of volunteers is working well or not. IFCJ ratings go on the higher side when the governing body, have a good oversight regarding the operations of the organization. By having the good oversight, malpractices can be prevented and finance of the charity can be safeguarded.

Getting accreditation

To receive the accreditation by companies such as BBB, the organization has to provide information about its board and director. Different arrangements that the organization makes with other firms should be done in writing. No person from the board is also allowed to hold position of treasurer and any other chair at the same time. The IFCJ rating takes everything into consideration before submitting its reports.IFCJ

Detailed reports

All information about the donors of the IFCJ is needed to be published in details. The IFCJ reviews, tells all about the good work done by the organization. All these things ensure that the organization is being run in a proper manner.

About The New President of IFCJ: Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein is the residing president of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. She took over the post after the untimely demise of IFCJ founder and former president Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. She looks after all the ministry programming of the organization and also serves as their International chairperson.

IFCJBefore taking over the presidential post, she was the IFCJ’S global Executive vice president, their program development director, senior vice present and also Mistry outreach. She is survived by her husband and four children. On a personal front, she is an established writer and reputed professional in social services.

Promising Author

Is IFCJ a good charity? Two of the books written by her have received a lot of critical appreciations. Their names being “Holy Land Reflections: A Collection of Inspirational Insights from Israel and “Spiritual Cooking with Yael”.

She has also been an avid contributor to many well-known publications, the likes of which include “The Jerusalem Post” and “The Times of Israel”. IFCJ reaches out to the fellow Israelis all across the globe through various broadcasting platforms, radio being the most common of them all.

Global Influencer:

Yael offers her view on Life in Israel, the essence of Jewish faith and the unity of Christians and Jews on a weekly basisIFCJ through these platforms; a part of IFCJ reviews. The programs are being broadcasted in multiple languages to enable Christians and Jews all around the world with different language and cultural background to come together and contribute towards helping Israel ward off her misery.

Yael Eckstein has also form alliance with numerous global organizations in her father’s absence and appeared on national television to highlight the concerning issues of global importance.

Accolades: IFCJ ratings

She has featured as guest on CBN’s popular show “The 700 Club with host Gordon Robertson. Her Influence was recognized by Nashim Women’s magazine and she was their cover star for May 2015 edition. Good IFCJ rating will help IFCJ head towards a new direction in the future.

The Role of Robotics in Cardiac Surgery

Technology journalists is all excited about the big “Tech Robotics” which is trending in every industry in the current era. Technology is getting better all the time and the advances happening in technology is evident from computers, machines, robots, and algorithms. Although some robots like Sophia robot that run on AI technology that allows them to operate independently, yet most of can’t achieve high fives all round without human-like hands.

Dr. Roberto Casula a Consultant Cardiothoracic surgeon at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London perform effective heart operations without using the cardiopulmonary bypass machine in the presence of minimal access robotic techniques.roberto casula

The Significant Role of Robotics in Cardiac Surgery

The traditional bypass surgery involves an extensive invasive procedure in which the heart is reached by cutting open the chest and dividing the breast bone. This involves more pain with greater trauma. However this is not the case with robotics cardiac surgery.

This is a minimal invasive procedure in which the surgeon operates through several much smaller incisions between the ribs. Mr. Roberto Casula MD FRCS FETCS performed on cardiac robotic surgery and its applications in mitral valve repair and coronary artery surgery. This procedure included lesser pain, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery to preoperative level of functional activity.

A latest medical news shows that “A British man has left hospital just four days after major heart surgery” performed by robots.  This incident took place at St Mary’s Hospital, London guided by cardiothoracic surgeon Roberto Casula. Although this procedure can be used only for single vessel bypass surgery, researches are happening immensely to perform double and triple bypasses and expected to happen soon.roberto casula


The robot enhances the surgeon’s ability to perform minimally invasive cardiac surgery, so it is a great boon to the medical industry.

What Makes A Company Tick? With Roberto Casula Eni

When it comes to oil and energy companies, very few have reached the heights that Eni has in the past few decades. Being based in Rome, it is already reaching out to the vastness of the world and all of its different countries. Expansion is part of every entrepreneur’s dream after all.

Leading the pack and guiding it along the way is one of Eni’s best servants in recent times, its Lead Executive Manager Roberto casula. If there is anyone who would know about running a big company and making it all work, it is this man. So if there is anything you would like to know about how he makes things function, then now is the time.roberto casula

  1. Strategy of Growing Out

According to Mr. Casula, one of the biggest strategies for handling projects was to change things up more often. This brought in great success according to him because it offered people a chance to get creative without being monotonous. Sure, there are protocols to be maintained at all times but with a bit of flexibility, there is a lot to be gained here.

  1. Converting Ideas to Reality

The biggest key to finding new ideas is curiosity. When that curiosity does take birth in your mind, make sure that you let it flow through. Don’t just ignore it. Rather, let it grow further out and help you branch out yourself. There is a lot of productivity to be had from simple things and this is definitely one of them.roberto casula

  1. Advice to Yearning Entrepreneurs

Last but not the least, Mr. Roberto casula eni also advices young entrepreneurs to develop healthy relationships with other people. He says being kind and honest with everyone else and helping them out in the time of need can go a long way.

Make Hassle-Free Australia Trip Plans with the Easy To Get Australia ETA

Business trips can happen anywhere in the whole world. Considering the areas from where the clients of a certain company are, it can happen in England or the United States of America or even Australia. Planning a meet with the client companion their soil helps in proper communication regarding each and everything related to the jobs provided to the company and also helps in establishing a good relation and bond with the customer company.Australia eta

Plan a foreign client meet with proper execution.

In many cases, it happens so that the client company belongs from Australia. In such cases, planning for a visit to Australia can help in achieving the above-mentioned benefits.

But in order to set foot on the Australian soil, just like many other countries in the world, you must have to acquire a legitimate visa to show your proof of stay and the purpose of stay at Australia. Without such kind of a document, you shall not be allowed to come in to meet the purpose of your journey. This is where having a pre-approved Australia ETA comes in handy.

What is an ETA? How is it helpful?

An ETA or an electronic travel authority is an online medium through which one can easily get his or her visa applied and confirmed in a span of a week or so. In normal circumstances, having a visa confirmed can take a lot of time which includes multiple assessments and interviews which must be done in order to get hold of a visa to Australia.

This kind of a resources helps a lot as it helps in reducing the time involved in getting hold of a visa in case the visit to Australia is an urgent task that needs to be done as soon as possible.Australia eta

Get visa easily with au visa.

This kind of a service where the au visa is involved is generally carried online which also save in not taking several interviews. Just fill up the required details in the form and you are good to go.


Simple Steps for Success in Online Poker

Why you gamble? Apparently, to make fun and money together in a single form of entertainment. Most people think of money in their gambling play, but it won’t be so easy to make money without knowledge and experience in gambling. When gambling becomes an addiction, it becomes harder to resist. Domino qq terpercayaThe craving of gambling drives a person to a casino. When a casino is online, it is more convenient to be on the casino without leaving your home. This becomes a crunch when a person starts losing instead of winning. The dream of becoming rich ditches a person to deep in the earth. This is a sorrow story of a gambler who enters in this activity, but can’t come out.

Bright face of online gambling

There’s another face of gambling when someone becomes successful in gambling. The success comes from good fortune, skill and tactics in gambling play. Gambling is a game of prediction and skill. Making quick and massive money through gambling appears appealing, but it’s not easy and possible for everyone to achieve this big success. One of the factors that support in achieving gambling goals is poker online terpercaya. When you register yourself on some trusted poker agent site, this is your first step on theDomino qq terpercaya ladder of success in online gambling. The next step for your success is selection of the right game to play in online gambling. You can think of Domino QQ terpercaya as the best game for your success in online gambling.

Make a quick or gradual success

When you have climbed these two steps, it won’t be too hard to climb ladder of success in online gambling. The next step is your skill followed by strategies you apply in this game of success. You are lucky, if success comes at once, but a gradual success is also a good achievement in Domino QQ. It is up to you how you achieve success in online poker.

Choose The Expert Services And Food

Industry of vegetarian restaurants is flourishing like never before. There are different reasons behind the idea, that is providing a strong platform for the owners to popularize their outlets. One of the most significant reason is to adopt the vegetarian food items, over the non vegetarian food all across the world. Since it offers the health and fitness to the people, who are in regular habit of consuming the available dishes. In addition to that, animal lovers are changing their preferences towards vegetarian food for saving the wild life to a major extent in and around the country.

Vegan restaurants are hitting the priority lists of the guests, in order to make them feel healthier and lighter without making them lose out on a lot of money. There are different variety of dishes, offered by the vegetarian restaurants which are beyond imagination. Even the countries with the origin of the vegetables get surprised by the kind of tastes, prepared by the expert chefs of the restaurants. That would make the dishes so tempting and irresistible for the guests to consume. Even the taste of simple coffee, becomes so inviting that you cannot leave the opportunity of gulping the number of mugs in one chance.


Vegan restaurants have spread the wings all across the globe, for making their guests feel like home. Their main vision is to provide with the world class services and the perfect taste of food to everyone, within the minimum charges levied. Also making sure, that no one remains deprived of the great preparations done by their expert staff members. You can simply count on them, for the best quality and the prices of the most tempting and delicious food items. Also you can suggest the same to your family and neighbors.

IFCJ Rating: Some Details Regarding the Distribution of Charity Provided Here  

There are lots of Jewish people from all over the world, who have suffered on the course of history. There are people who suffered during the holocaust and even today there are lots of abandoned people. With the help of the IFCJ programs, these people get a new hope for life. In order to ensure that these people have a fruitful life, they are also given Bible based education and some training for easy jobs. IFCJ reviews There is a special wings of Israel program which help many Jewish people to immigrate to Israel from all corners of the world. Millions of dollars collected from charity are used here.

Charity reports

The IFCJ ratings that the organization gets are based on the kind of charity that they are undertaking. All the information regarding the donations is available under the directorate of the particular country. There are financial statements from different audits which show the kind of donations made.

Review of finances

Often the charity got from the lands in West, are big in numbers. IFCJ reviewsMillions of dollars come in form of donations. The IFCJ rating is also on the higher side. This is because of the philanthropic work that the organization is always undertaking.

Different types of costs incurred

When people have the question Is IFCJ a good charity, they need to know the way in which the money from donations get distributed. The administrative costs account for about 8% of the revenues. There are also some costs incurred on course of the fund raising campaigns.

For every dollar donated over charity, about 68% of it is directly involved with the charity. A lot of money is also kept in reserve for running this particular organization. You need to go through the IFCJ reviews in order to be well acquainted with what the donors think about the organization.

Judaism, Jewish Community & The concept of Tzedakah

The concept of Tzedakah is a hallmark of Jewish philanthropy. Tzedakah, the Hebrew word, refers to charity and philanthropy. Humanity is in the blood of Jewish people and they have followed the advice of their religious leader like Yechiel Eckstein. Jewish people take charity and philanthropy as social justice. They believe in donating to others and they feel more benefitted by becoming donor rather than by becoming recipient. Tzedakah builds trusting relationships, that is more than financial transaction. Jewish community is God fearing, honest, self-respected and trustworthy.

The ‘mitzvah of tzedakah’ in JudaismYechiel Eckstein

There are over six hundred Jew commandments including mitzvah, which Jewish people are supposed to follow, and according to which doing good deed is an obligation. The ‘mitzvah of tzedakah’ is significant in the concept of Tzedakah. Jewish charity organizations like International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), Hadassah: Women’s Zionist Org. of America, American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee, PEF/ Israel Endowment Funds, and American Jewish Committee follow this concept.

Benevolent activities in Judaism

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a leading organization known for benevolent activities on global level the evidence of which is available in IFCJ reviews. The inspiration to set up this organization came from its founder Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, who died recently after serving this organization for 35 years. But many other great Jewish leaders such as Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein made earnest efforts to serve Jewish community by way of charity for many years. Rabbi Eckstein had been a guiding spirit for Jewish community and his tenets were highly respected by the people having faith in Judaism.

Jewish community is unique

Jewish community is an entirely different community compared to many other communities that flourished in the Middle East region of the globe. Jewish community is known for one single self-identifying ethnicity and its followers have great keenness for humanitarian activities, not only for Jewish community but also for other communities.

$52 Million Dollar Charity in Soviet Union for Jews from IFCJ

This is one of the most important piece of news, that IFCJ has donated $ 52 million to Jews. This has been done to provide relief, help and food and medicine to the oppressed Jews. The Food and Medicine Lifeline is a program run by this organization.

Many of the recipients are holocaust survivors.  There are 1,00, 000 impoverished Jews in the country.  They need continuous supplies of food and medicine. The organization raises huge amount of money for the same. So, the question arises “Is IFCJ a good charity?”

The organisation has raised $ 140 million every year from Christians, to help Israeli people and Jewish people.

Earlier the organization used to perform the programs in co-ordination with another Jewish agency. However, now they are doing it independently. There have been instances, where there has been a lot of opposition from certain quarters.


IFCJ Reviews

It has received positive reviews, lately. They have given evidence for their financial feasibility and accountability. Most of the donors are from Christian community. Many of the people are looking down on this.

Many are of the view, that donations should not be made.  Many consider this the so called” Lifestyle Evangelism”. Many do not support this.

IFCJ Ratings

They have got the best ratings, so far. In spite of opposition from quite a few quarters, the organization has been doing good work for the Jewish community.

IFCJ rating is a point of discussion. Assessment centres are there, which have given the ‘meets standards’ rating.  The stated purpose of the organization to promote goodwill and welfare  between Christians and Jews.

They help Jews overcome poverty, anti-Semitism, it aids warriors, provides hot meal, clothing and job training.

The charity meets all government standards. The organization is seriously working towards the betterment of the Jewish people.

Robotic Surgery: A Major Achievement of Modern Time

Advance surgical procedures have brought revolution in medical field in the area of surgery. These methods have broadened the scope of surgery. Before advent of computerized surgical techniques, surgery was considered to be absolute skill of the hands of a surgeon. It was a game of knife, but a computerized have made it more like a video game. Traditional surgical techniques are becoming obsolete and replaced by innovative advance computerized techniques.

Benefits offered by advance surgical techniques

Standard brain surgery is quite risky, but advance Gamma Knife radiosurgery in the area of neurosurgery, without cutting skull bone, is a safer procedure. Incisions in skull and brain membranes and tissues are required to perform the surgery. Traditional technique of cardiac surgery was also one of the toughest parts of surgical procedures which was simplified by the advent of open-heart surgery, but robotic surgery Roberto Casulahas made it further simpler. A skilled surgeon like Roberto Casula can perform it without a wrinkle on his forehead. Laparoscopy, which was initially introduced for diagnostic procedures, has found useful applications in advance surgical procedures.

Robots are replacing surgeons

The credit od modern surgical techniques goes to an integrated technology that use combination of a laparoscope and computer software. We hear that robots are replacing surgeons. This is true but not absolute in the sense that a human is always needed to control and monitor a robot. In robotic surgery, a human surgeon’s presence is significant because it is, he who controls robot throughout the procedure. Robotic surgery has undeniably reduced number of members in a surgical team because a surgeon is assisted by robotic activities controlled through a computer software.

Robotic surgery is a big achievement

Robotic surgery is a need of modern time when we are facing shortage of highly qualified medical professionals. Additionally, robotic surgery is supportive in cracking complexities of a tough surgical procedures by offering greater access to operating area without much exploration through patient’s muscles. This is undeniably a big achievement.

Derive Your Inspiration from Roberto Casula

It is no less than a challenge to lead you to be an example in today’s competitive world. When one begins a venture, continuing it to grow while maintaining the positive sloping graph is quite important. Thus, when we come across personalities such as Roberto Casula we know it is not entirely his hard work but also his vision and strategies that have contributed to his successful career and profession reputation.

Working for most of his life in the Oil and Gas Industry, Roberto has been always been an aimer and visionary, turning his visions and goals into actions while fuelling his strengths and objectives furthermore. He believes in tomorrow while strengthening his present. He is the type of figure you listen to, and his life ideals are absolutely provoking and influential.

Pervading influenceRoberto Casula

Roberto Casula Eni highlights his professional footsteps both in the managerial as well as executive levels of organisation while handling Africa as well as Middle East. When interviewed in The Oil and Money Conference 2013, Roberto opined that he sees East Africa as an emerging gas hub while West Africa as an oil hub.

While passionate about excavating and exploring energy opportunities, he has also been enthusiastic about the possibilities of LNG in the coming years. Serving to be a part of Eni, he contributed to the change in organisational model, thus, leading to cost reduction, business integration, and integration of technical expertise and synergies of several value chains.

A dynamic soul

His life, as noted and remarked is a series of events, a ladder of successful missions and target fulfilment while his biography is nothing short of an inspirational and motivational story for the youth.