IFCJ Rating: Some Details Regarding the Distribution of Charity Provided Here  

There are lots of Jewish people from all over the world, who have suffered on the course of history. There are people who suffered during the holocaust and even today there are lots of abandoned people. With the help of the IFCJ programs, these people get a new hope for life. In order to ensure that these people have a fruitful life, they are also given Bible based education and some training for easy jobs. IFCJ reviews There is a special wings of Israel program which help many Jewish people to immigrate to Israel from all corners of the world. Millions of dollars collected from charity are used here.

Charity reports

The IFCJ ratings that the organization gets are based on the kind of charity that they are undertaking. All the information regarding the donations is available under the directorate of the particular country. There are financial statements from different audits which show the kind of donations made.

Review of finances

Often the charity got from the lands in West, are big in numbers. IFCJ reviewsMillions of dollars come in form of donations. The IFCJ rating is also on the higher side. This is because of the philanthropic work that the organization is always undertaking.

Different types of costs incurred

When people have the question Is IFCJ a good charity, they need to know the way in which the money from donations get distributed. The administrative costs account for about 8% of the revenues. There are also some costs incurred on course of the fund raising campaigns.

For every dollar donated over charity, about 68% of it is directly involved with the charity. A lot of money is also kept in reserve for running this particular organization. You need to go through the IFCJ reviews in order to be well acquainted with what the donors think about the organization.