How Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Has Strived Forward To Help The Cause Of The Jews All Over The World?  

According to the books of history, the Christians and the Jews, have been in disagreement and fights for the last 2000 years. Nothing prior to the efforts of rabbi yechiel Eckstein, was done to bring an end to this kind of enmity. It is owing to the vision of this man that the Christians and Jews have been able to build a bridge of confidence and grow good relationships with each other. Both sides now have a certain degree of respect for each other and less amount of hatred.

Humanitarian grounds

The people from both sides no longer fight over issues of religion. These people rather cooperate with each other on humanitarian grounds. There is a feeling of goodwill and yechiel Eckstein, through his sermons have been able to convince people to lead a life of love and compassion. People are no more the victims of wars or terror owing to the efforts of IFCJ.

rabbi yechiel Eckstein

A word on founder

A lot of time has been devoted by rabbi Eckstein in order to build great dialogue between fellow Christians and Jews. The entire state of Israel now is again the cradle for the people of the Jewish faith. The rabbi has also spoken a lot about the liberation that religions can provide individuals.

Different activities

If you go through the different activities that IFCJ undertakes, you will simply stay stunned. You will always find them beside the victims of any kind of catastrophe that strikes people around the world.

The organization provides relief to the poverty stricken people as well as other kinds of social services.  The different IFCJ reviews, always speak quite highly of the of the different efforts that the organization undertakes. The vocal as well as philanthropic activities by rabbi Eckstein, really sets a high benchmark. The entire Jewish community is proud of the works of the rabbi.