Donate funds to IFCJ to help the war and terrorism victims

International Fellowship for Christians and Jews is a reliable and trustworthy charitable organization that was founded by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein in 1983 with the motto to promote better understanding between the Christians and Jews and help the Christians who are in Israel by offering job training. This organization is also working hard to help people get out of poverty. They also distribute medicine, food and clothing to the elderly and children who are the victims of war and terrorism attacks. This organization is run by the board of directors. IFCJ ratingsThese people will take the call on what all activities to be done on behalf of trust and allocate funds for the year. They will generate huge funds by conducting fundraising events.

Many people are donating funds to this charitable organization after getting motivated reading the reviews and seeing the ratings on the watchdog sites. These IFCJ ratings sites have given a top rating for this organization for being transparent and accountable for their activities. The contributions that are made to this organization are tax deductible as allowed by the law. The financial statement released by the organization would have details of the expenses spent. IFCJ ratingsSo, every penny that is spending on behalf of this organization would be shown to the donors by publishing them on the website. The materials are listed trustfully. As per IFCJ ratings , the annual report provided by the organization would have a mission statement, summary of programs that were carried out in the year, name of the board of directors and the financial information. You can also get the IRS Form 990 on the site to get tax exemption on the donations that you are making for the organization.

The best part of this IFCJ ratings organization is that, it is also working to solve the disputes between Jews and Christians in an amicable way.