Derive Your Inspiration from Roberto Casula

It is no less than a challenge to lead you to be an example in today’s competitive world. When one begins a venture, continuing it to grow while maintaining the positive sloping graph is quite important. Thus, when we come across personalities such as Roberto Casula we know it is not entirely his hard work but also his vision and strategies that have contributed to his successful career and profession reputation.

Working for most of his life in the Oil and Gas Industry, Roberto has been always been an aimer and visionary, turning his visions and goals into actions while fuelling his strengths and objectives furthermore. He believes in tomorrow while strengthening his present. He is the type of figure you listen to, and his life ideals are absolutely provoking and influential.

Pervading influenceRoberto Casula

Roberto Casula Eni highlights his professional footsteps both in the managerial as well as executive levels of organisation while handling Africa as well as Middle East. When interviewed in The Oil and Money Conference 2013, Roberto opined that he sees East Africa as an emerging gas hub while West Africa as an oil hub.

While passionate about excavating and exploring energy opportunities, he has also been enthusiastic about the possibilities of LNG in the coming years. Serving to be a part of Eni, he contributed to the change in organisational model, thus, leading to cost reduction, business integration, and integration of technical expertise and synergies of several value chains.

A dynamic soul

His life, as noted and remarked is a series of events, a ladder of successful missions and target fulfilment while his biography is nothing short of an inspirational and motivational story for the youth.