CSGO fun facts that you probably didn’t know


Counter Strike Global Offensive was launched in the year 2012 and since then it has emerged to be one of the very popular games that are played by players all across the world. The problem with the game is that most players find it extremely difficult to increase their rank in the game and thus, they have to rely on CSGO Boosting.

Facts to learn

Here are some of the interesting facts about CSGO that you probably didn’t come across before.

  1. In the game, you cannot see your own shadow. This may sound weird but if you notice it closely, you will find that this is the truth. This mainly happens as POV cams do not have the shadow render and therefore, you cannot see your own shadow.
  2. Did you know that CSGO was previously just a port for CS: Source for consoles? It was actually never planned to be an independent game.
  3. When the game was first launched, it didn’t have the competitive mode and skins.
  4. If you keep the tutorials running then you will be able to locate the bombs in the smoke. This is actually a trick that you can use in order to locate the bombs in the game especially if you are struggling in the smoke.
  5. If you add language pirate in the launch options, it will actually change the game language which will make it look more convincing.

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If you want to read more such interesting facts about the CSGO game then you can search the internet.