Book of the Month Club Restarted with New Format

Book span is the parent company of the Book of the Month Club and it’s been three years since the Book of the Month Club was launched with its new Chief Executive Officer John Lippman. It has been rebooted with a completely new format.John Lippman

Declination phase of the Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month Club is the most prevailing establishments in the American Literature world.  With a wide collection of much-admired books from the celebrity authors, the club served as a wonderful guide even to the most ignorant readers with the best works. However, their works were not honored and several book stores and online retail dealers were not prepared to support them.

This led to the declination of the club and the revenue earned through membered went down considerable low.  Also, the panel of judges lost the authority to pick the best novels and much of its legacy began to disappear.The managers of the Club John Lippman (CEO), Blake Orlandi (COO) and Delaney Manders (CTO) attempted to revitalize the club and tried to make it be more of the moment.John Lippman

How the manager rebooted the Book of the Month Club?

As a part of a comeback plan, the book of the month club rejuvenated with new formats. The mail-order business which originally founded in 1926 transformed into monthly hardcover subscription service early last year.

Hardcover book subscription generated more profit per unit than mail order business  and in just two years the club earned a revenue of nearly $10 million and each member is approximately paying 15$ for five hardcover books and 10$ for every additional book. At this time, we should not forget to mention John Lippman. Only his vision made the BOTM a great success