$52 Million Dollar Charity in Soviet Union for Jews from IFCJ

This is one of the most important piece of news, that IFCJ has donated $ 52 million to Jews. This has been done to provide relief, help and food and medicine to the oppressed Jews. The Food and Medicine Lifeline is a program run by this organization.

Many of the recipients are holocaust survivors.  There are 1,00, 000 impoverished Jews in the country.  They need continuous supplies of food and medicine. The organization raises huge amount of money for the same. So, the question arises “Is IFCJ a good charity?”

The organisation has raised $ 140 million every year from Christians, to help Israeli people and Jewish people.

Earlier the organization used to perform the programs in co-ordination with another Jewish agency. However, now they are doing it independently. There have been instances, where there has been a lot of opposition from certain quarters.


IFCJ Reviews

It has received positive reviews, lately. They have given evidence for their financial feasibility and accountability. Most of the donors are from Christian community. Many of the people are looking down on this.

Many are of the view, that donations should not be made.  Many consider this the so called” Lifestyle Evangelism”. Many do not support this.

IFCJ Ratings

They have got the best ratings, so far. In spite of opposition from quite a few quarters, the organization has been doing good work for the Jewish community.

IFCJ rating is a point of discussion. Assessment centres are there, which have given the ‘meets standards’ rating.  The stated purpose of the organization to promote goodwill and welfare  between Christians and Jews.

They help Jews overcome poverty, anti-Semitism, it aids warriors, provides hot meal, clothing and job training.

The charity meets all government standards. The organization is seriously working towards the betterment of the Jewish people.