Booking Engine: Most Facilitated System for Hotel Booking

Brands or businesses are trying to make everything convenient for their customers. They expect that their customers should feel ease of communicating with them and to book or buy product or service.

Online vending of products and services

Reservations.comOnline vending of products has become the most common application of e-commerce. The service sector is not lagged in this race. The services are now also available on internet platforms. You can do online whatever you want to. You have recharge facility for any service online, and you can even make bookings online for various services. KLM airlines started the facility of flight reservations online through social channels.

Options to make online hotel booking

The online reservation facility on airline’s own portal and on travel agent sites are provided by almost all airlines. The hotel industry is following same pattern of online booking. Most hotels have their hotel management software that include booking software to use by customers for hotel booking. Reservations.comThe travelers have many other options to make booking of hotels. They can use hotel booking engine like for instant hotel booking conformation.

Booking engine for hotel booking

The booking engine uses a software that compiles the query results and depicts most appropriate results to a query maker. This works better than hotel’s booking software by providing results for more than one hotel. Thus, a customer is offered a list of hotels for better selection which is more suitable to a customer from various perspectives. The filters in the hotel booking site enables a query maker to refine his search on the basis of choice of various factors. It could be hotel ownership and affiliation, industry and brand standards, rating, size of the hotel, size of rooms, location, level of service, amenities, and market and function.

The result

The attempt to make comparison of desired facilities with offered price yields best result that a person can use in booking the hotel.

An Idea That Was Transformed into Reality for Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month Club, founded by Harry Scherman in 1926, is one of the oldest in the history of the books club. This media company of Manhattan, New York city is familiar among almost everyone who is fond of reading books because this book club was one of the most influential players in the book industry.

Change of the scenario of book selling

The scenario of book selling was reshaped by Amazon that shifted readers interest from book clubs to online books. This caused setback for Book of the Month Club as a result of shrunk in the membership of the Club. The company underwent company’s ownership change several times. The company was being operated as a joint venture between Time Inc. and Bertelsmann, but later bought out Time Inc. The Bookspan was then managed by media investor Jahm Najafi.

Lippmann’s idea of relaunch

The major change in ownership was affected in 2012 for Book of the Month Club. This was the period when John Lippman, 43, bought a majority stake in Bookspan from Najafi. The deal of this change was not disclosed, but Lippmann, an executive at music-rights firm Evergreen Copyrights, having the idea of relaunching Book of the Month online, made this deal. What was his idea? He wanted that millennial women, who earlier used Birchbox and Stitch Fix for buying subscription boxes, could enjoy a new way of book reading out of outdated book club. This was possible if could digitalize the business and offered a handful of great books from emerging fiction writers.

The result

How John Lippman transformed his idea into a reality? He decided to shut down the Book of the Month Club, moved its existing Bookspan’s other clubs, and proceeded with the relaunch. John Lippman spoke about his striving and reinventing of a dying brand. He struggled, but he did it eventually and achieved the milestone he waited for.