A Great Platform For Original Voices And Discovery Of New Books With COO As Blake Orlandi

Since the last 100 years, the Book of the month is successful in uncovering original voices and new books having Blake Orlandi as COO. Originally, founded in the year 1926, the company re-launched once again in 2015. They believe that books help in finding the real happiness and meaning of life, so they come up with the best 5 books by going through thousands such new releases every month.

Their featured books enlighten twenty million readers to discover new voices which they didn’t hear about, with which they might fall in love.

More about them

Their people include a small team of highly motivated professionals which includes creative thinkers, editors, technologists and marketers.  Their target involves logically reasoning, experimental and result-oriented approach.

Currently, they are in search of fresh minds who can bloom in an unstructured, dynamic environment and expert in problem-solving. The company leaders are Eliza Heussler (Product Director), Cristian Vergara (Engineering Director), Siobhan Jones (Editorial Director), Jaclyn Spiegel, (Director of Accounting and Finance) and COO as  Blake Orlandi

Who can join?

Anyone can join the book of the month by simply just furnishing the email address, name, shipping and billing information. Only who are the residents of the United States and active military personnel of the U.S living overseas are eligible for joining.

With a membership of $14.99 monthly, one can select a book of their choice and can add additional books each for $9.99. no changes are required for skipping the membership charges, there is always free shipping. Give a call to 1-888-784-2670 for cancellation of your membership.

Additional purchases are forwarded along with box shipment of the subsequent month. From the date of shipment till 30 days, request for returns of defective and damaged books are entertained. They forwards a replacement copy. Blake Orlandi is also the SVP, Head of Media at Bookspan, LLC.